Essential DIY Roof Garden Ideas And Tips

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It does not matter whether you are planning to build a rooftop garden on your home or you already have one, these are some DIY rooftop garden, ideas do-it-yourself roofing (diy) guide that will help you create one of the most stunning rooftop terraces in your neighborhood.

In urban areas that are densely populated, there has been an increase in the number of rooftop gardens that are being created. What is even more amazing is that most of these began and ended as DIY projects. This is a space that you do not have to just sit back and enjoy, you can also grow a garden.

It is likely that you have already thought about the specifics of your rooftop garden, but the following ideas can serve an inspiration for Finding The Right Roofing Contractors and may even give you an ‘aha!’ moment.

Keep The Space Open

You can make a small rooftop look even bigger simply by keeping the space open. For example, you can install a transparent glass for your rooftop garden with the help of roofing contractors instead of using a parapet wall. You can also use hedges, railing or fences to create the border for your garden.

On the other hand, if you are looking to create complete privacy, you can look over this suggestion.

Grow Large Trees And Plants

Do you have a rooftop that is large, or is the view less than optimal from that location? Or, do you simply want the area to feel more like a real garden by adding some high vegetation to maximize the greenery that is around the walls?

DIY Roof Garden

Growing grasses and bamboo is a wonderful combination especially if you are looking to keep the area low maintenance. However, if you have unlimited options, you may want to add some trees and shrubs.


It is important to consider ahead of the time the type of furniture you want to add to the space. Do you want the area to be reserved for lounging and relaxing, or would you prefer to host garden parties and dinners?

Make your decision during the initial planning stage. Be sure to choose furniture that fits the style and theme you are trying to convey.

Create A Focal Point

A focal point is an area that attracts and draws the eyes. You can use anything in your rooftop garden as a focal point. Examples are:

Water features
A statue
A tall tree
Container plants

These are some of the ideas you can use for your DIY rooftop garden. Choose one or more to transform your rooftop to a unique space.

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