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Why We Love Roofing And Why You Should Too

Do you have a roof that needs to be replaced? If you have never done any type of construction work before, this is actually one of the best aspects of this profession or trade. You get to be high up, and it’s really nothing but you and the roof, giving you time to ponder and relax. Roofing does require skill. You will need to know how to do it properly so everything lines up. However, it can be a great time where you can spend it alone to relax, or you can spend it with friends and family that are helping you put your roof on. Here are the reasons that we love Cincinnati roofing and why you should too.

Why Roofing Is Fun

Roofing is fun for three specific reasons. First of all, it requires a high level of skill. This high level of skill can only be developed through a lot of practice. The reason that this is fun as that you are actually able to train yourself to do something that many people cannot. You will stand out from all the rest, potentially the first roofer in your family. Second, roofing is a lot of exercise. It also requires a lot of precision and finesse. The last thing that you want to do is go tumbling off of the roof breaking your harm. Finally, roofing can be very entertaining because it allows you to get away from your regular routine. Once you become good at it, which you will after doing it a couple of days, you will simply have fun completing your roof on your own terms.

Try Roofing Today

If you would like to try best roofing your own home, or perhaps help a friend, these options are sometimes available. You might even want to get a job as a roofer, but it just depends if it’s really something you want to pursue as a profession. At the very least, it is something different, and if you like it like we do, you may want to actually do your roof on your own in the near future.

Parlament Roofing

Parlament roofing and construction is a family owned company where they do their business at Clearwater Florida, Lake Mary Florida and Jacksonville Florida. The owning family runs the company themselves. The said company is already at the business and serving people for over 25 years already in the exterior modeling trade. The Parlament roofing and construction have their own staffs, crews, and employees. They do not hire subcontractors on having the job done. They also offer you the best job experience that you will ever have. The following are the services that the company, Parlament Roofing, and Construction, offers.

1.) The Shingle Roofing. At Parlament roofing and construction, they use IKO shingles that can weigh up to 50% more than other shingle brands in the roofing market. The IKO shingles have a wind warranty that starts at 110 mph and a durability that will break the 3-tab 10 – 15 years life span.

2.) The Metal roofing. They install different kinds of panels such as PBR Panel, Corrugated Panels, AG Panel and 5 V Panel. A PBR Panel holds a 40-year warranty that is mostly installed on low pitched roofs. Corrugated Panels are panels that have 36-inch widths and has high wind ratings due to the way it is externally fastened. AG Panel is the most common exposed fastener panel that also holds a 40-year warranty. 5 V-Panels are exposed fastener panels that have a warranty that starts at 22 years.

3.) The Tile roofing. The Parlament roofing and construction offers Barrel Concrete Roof Tile, which is a low profile shape that recreates a classic Mediterranean style, and Flat Concrete Roof Tile, which offers a crisp and clean appearance that perfectly blend with traditional and modern architecture.

4.) The Thermo Insulated Roof System. The Parlament roofing and construction offers this kind of services since it is useful for roof covers because it has an energy efficient quality.

5.) The Flat Roofing

6.) The Soffit and Fascia. Their Fascia is a custom made to perfectly fit your home by making it on their own website. They install vented soffit to have your home proper ventilation.

7.) The Vinyl Sliding

8.) The Roof repair. Leaks, shingles or tiles breaking or flat roofs have holes, the Parlament roofing, and construction repairs any type of roof as long as it not too old or just too brittle.

9.) The free estimate on their own website. They are offering free estimates on your specific job orders if you go to their own website.

As for the payment of your new roof or repair, they arranged payment terms that fit most to your budget. They offer; In-House Financing, Zero Money Down and other Financing options. They have already labeled some of the prices of their roof products to optimize your time. Shingle roofs are priced for as low as 135 dollars per month, tile roofs are priced for as low as 175 dollars per month and metal roofs are priced for as low as 198 dollars per month.

Metal Roofing Screw

A metal roofing screw is a type of fastener that fastens your roof to its particular foundation. It is typically made of metal and is in a form of a helical ridge, also known as a male thread or just commonly called as a thread. A perfect fit size of your metal roofing screw is needed so that you will have a good quality roofing. The metal roofing screws differ in sizes which are based on its major thread diameter, threads per inch, length, head style and type of drill point. The screw diameter is a value used to describe the diameter of its thread. The threads per inch are the number of threads there are in a length of one inch. It varies upon the material for which the metal roofing screw is designed.

A #0 screw has a thread diameter of 1/16 inch and a fine thread UNF of 80.

A #1 screw has a thread diameter of 5/64 inch, a fine thread UNF of 72 and a coarse thread UNC of 64.

A #2 screw has a thread diameter of 3/32 inch, a fine thread UNF of 64 and a coarse thread UNC of 56.

A #3 screw has a thread diameter of 7/64 inch, a fine thread UNF of 56 and a coarse thread UNC of 48. A #4 screw has also a thread diameter of 7/64 inch, a fine thread UNF of 48 and a coarse thread UNC of 40.

A #5 screw has a thread diameter of 1/8 inch, a fine thread UNF of 44 and a coarse thread UNC of 40.

A #6 screw has a thread diameter of 9/64 inch, a fine thread UNF of 40 and a coarse thread UNC of 32.

A #8 screw has a thread diameter of 5/32 inch, a fine thread UNF of 36 and a coarse thread UNC of 32.

A #10 screw has a thread diameter of 3/16 inch, a fine thread UNF of 32 and a coarse thread UNC of 24.

A #12 screw has a thread diameter of 7/32 inch, a fine thread UNF of 28 and a coarse thread UNC of 24.

And lastly, a #14 screw has a thread diameter of 1/4 inch, a fine thread UNF of 28 and a coarse thread UNC of 20.

The length of the metal roofing screw indicates the length of the fastener body where its head is not included. The head style of the metal roofing screw is identified with a number of different descriptions. The most commonly used head style of the metal roofing screws is HWH or Hex Washer Head. An HWH does not always have a washer with it because there can be an HWH with a washer or an HWH without a washer. The last thing in defining a size of the metal roofing screw is its type of drilling point. The type of drilling point is normally designated as #1, #2, #3, #4, #5 and #6 and so on and so forth. The drill point is the thickness of the metal where a fastener is perfectly designed.

Modified Bitumen Roofing

A Membrane Roofing is a kind of roofing system for buildings, tanks, residential applications and other commercial applications where it is commonly used to move the water off of the roof. It is usually made from synthetic rubber, modified bitumen, or thermoplastics such as PVC or other materials similar to it.

A Synthetic Rubber or also known as Thermoset is a type of membrane roofing that is made of materials that chemically crosslink. These large, flat pieces of synthetic rubber are bonded together at the seams to form one continuous membrane. These types of membranes are commonly thick where it is usually has a thickness of 30 and 60 mils.

The most commonly used Synthetic Rubber membrane is EDPM. Another type of membrane roofing is the Thermoplastic Membrane. The thermoplastic membrane is similar to a thermoset membrane but its seams are naturally heat fused or welded and there is no chemical cross-linking to form a continuous membrane. The lap seams of the thermoplastic membrane can also be fused with a solvent instead of heat and can still be as strong as the rest of the membrane. Modified Bitumen membrane is a type of membrane that conglomerates asphalt with modifiers and reinforcement materials. There are a lot of ways to connect the pieces of this material. It can be in a heat application process where the seams are heated to melt the asphalt together and create a seal on it. It can also be via hot-mopped application where the installation is just alike with how conventional built-up roofs are setup.

SBS or APP membrane type

There are more other ways in connecting the pieces of these materials like cold-applied adhesives and self-adhesive membranes. The common types of these membranes are SBS or Styrene Butadiene Styrene and APP or Attactic Polypropolene.

An SBS modified bitumen membrane is an elastic asphalt or a synthetic rubber. It has a low-temperature flexibility of -22 degrees Fahrenheit to -5 degrees Fahrenheit. Its softening point is at 230 degrees Fahrenheit to 270 degrees Fahrenheit.  An SBS also has an elongation with a full recovery rate of greater than 1000% with a serviceability range of -20 degrees Fahrenheit to 270 degrees Fahrenheit. When using the SBS, it increases the flexibility of the membrane and let it have a sturdier expansion and contraction capabilities.

On the other hand, an APP modified bitumen membrane is a plastic asphalt. It has a low-temperature flexibility of 14 degrees Fahrenheit to 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Its softening point is at 245 degrees Fahrenheit to 300 degrees Fahrenheit.  An SBS also has an elongation with a full recovery rate of 5 – 10% with a serviceability range of 15 degrees Fahrenheit to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. When using the APP, it increases the aging ability of the roof system. The Modified Bitumen also do come with disadvantages; since it has a black color, it absorbs heat than reflect it, if it is not properly installed the building below can superheat. In contrast, having bitumen roofing with a 2 or 3-ply material and is coated against a UV exposure with proper bitumen roof job, Modified Bitumen is the best roof you will ever have.

Menards Steel Roofing

Steel is a strong, lasting, low-maintenance, and excellent choice of roofing material that will last far longer in your valued homes. Introducing, Menards it is one the finest and toughest steel building panels for residential and building steel roofing projects.

Menards offers the best products that are leading in the market. Steel roofing is the first-rate alternative to other schemes of roofing material for the reason that it is three times lighter than shingles. It is fast and simple to furnish.

It features the best hail protection which the resist the impact damage of the steel.It can resist any natural calamities such hail and storm or anything that Mother Nature can throw. It has up to 120 mph wind rating (equal to F2 tornado) which can withstand the wind of a hail. It has the best strong wind resistance that is properly installed in steel that will survive devastating winds. Not only that, it features the best fire protection with a steel that is fire-resistant and rated as a UL Class A.

They offered Eco-Friendly products which can be easily recycled. Compared to typical roofing products, which dispense a billion pounds of waste, steel roofs eliminates the damage and environmental brunt of disposal. It can also be initiated over a current roof.

One of the advantages of having a steel roof is that it would effortlessly discard the snow during winter season. You don’t have to go outside and climb up to your roof to clean up the ice on your roof.

Steel roofing is absolutely much quieter than another roof. It keeps the stillness from the noise of items falling on your roof, strong drops of rain and hail. If a lightning struck the roof, the power will be safely diffused because steel is an incombustible.

Steel roofing has a layer of zinc with a phosphate that abstains from rust. It is a stainless steel that will not deteriorate by water. It is coated with paint and placed over to maintain a long- lasting color. Steel roofing features Cool Chemistry paint that reflects the heat from the sun that preserves the coolness of your house during the warm weather of summer season. A variety of colors allows you to choose a perfect match for your house. Rich and warm colors were also developed to provide extra restraint appeal. Cool colors were also developed to keep the homes cooler. Steel roofs can be installed easily because of the lightweight size of the steel.

Menards Steel Roofs is also known for its durability. Once the proper and secure installation has done, you can at least try to walk on the steel roof without breaking it. You can consult with the manufacturer based on its style and pitch.

When you purchase this product it will benefit not just the house or building itself but most importantly are the customers or buyers. Menards Steel Roofs ensure you a long lasting warranty that would take up to 40 years or even a lifetime.


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