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Parlament roofing and construction is a family owned company where they do their business at Clearwater Florida, Lake Mary Florida and Jacksonville Florida. The owning family runs the company themselves. The said company is already at the business and serving people for over 25 years already in the exterior modeling trade. The Parlament roofing and construction have their own staffs, crews, and employees. They do not hire subcontractors on having the job done. They also offer you the best job experience that you will ever have. The following are the services that the company, Parlament Roofing, and Construction, offers.

1.) The Shingle Roofing. At Parlament roofing and construction, they use IKO shingles that can weigh up to 50% more than other shingle brands in the roofing market. The IKO shingles have a wind warranty that starts at 110 mph and a durability that will break the 3-tab 10 – 15 years life span.

2.) The Metal roofing. They install different kinds of panels such as PBR Panel, Corrugated Panels, AG Panel and 5 V Panel. A PBR Panel holds a 40-year warranty that is mostly installed on low pitched roofs. Corrugated Panels are panels that have 36-inch widths and has high wind ratings due to the way it is externally fastened. AG Panel is the most common exposed fastener panel that also holds a 40-year warranty. 5 V-Panels are exposed fastener panels that have a warranty that starts at 22 years.

3.) The Tile roofing. The Parlament roofing and construction offers Barrel Concrete Roof Tile, which is a low profile shape that recreates a classic Mediterranean style, and Flat Concrete Roof Tile, which offers a crisp and clean appearance that perfectly blend with traditional and modern architecture.

4.) The Thermo Insulated Roof System. The Parlament roofing and construction offers this kind of services since it is useful for roof covers because it has an energy efficient quality.

5.) The Flat Roofing

6.) The Soffit and Fascia. Their Fascia is a custom made to perfectly fit your home by making it on their own website. They install vented soffit to have your home proper ventilation.

7.) The Vinyl Sliding

8.) The Roof repair. Leaks, shingles or tiles breaking or flat roofs have holes, the Parlament roofing, and construction repairs any type of roof as long as it not too old or just too brittle.

9.) The free estimate on their own website. They are offering free estimates on your specific job orders if you go to their own website.

As for the payment of your new roof or repair, they arranged payment terms that fit most to your budget. They offer; In-House Financing, Zero Money Down and other Financing options. They have already labeled some of the prices of their roof products to optimize your time. Shingle roofs are priced for as low as 135 dollars per month, tile roofs are priced for as low as 175 dollars per month and metal roofs are priced for as low as 198 dollars per month.

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