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Things You Need to Know About Roof Decking

It is crucial to take roofing seriously for both homeowners and business owners. Having the right roofing can help protect you and your family from the elements. In order to have the best roofing in your home, it all starts with your roof decking.

Roof decks are the foundation of an effective roof system according to experts. Roof sheathing or roof decking is the part where the roof covering is going to be nailed to. It is located underneath both shingle and the rafters. Typically, roof decking consists of wood materials.

For homeowners that are conscious about the type of roof deck that they use OSB or oriented stranded board is said to be better environmentally as it helps in preserving the forests. During the 70s, a lot of houses make use of plywood rather than OSB. But of course, keep in mind though that OSB or plywood will eventually need replacement. Broken plywood coming from water damage is among the most common reasons for its replacement.

Aside from the fact that it is used to nail the roof, there is also another function of roof decks. It can also help in maintaining the property’s temperature. How exactly does it work? Radiant barrier sheathing has an aluminum side that faces down into the attic. This makes sure that the heat that comes from the roof is reflected to minimize the heat in the attic. It is a good option especially if you are looking to reduce the cost of air conditioning during summer.

You should also choose the right kind of roof deck. Make sure that you only use seasoned wood in order to prevent the roof from pulling away once the wood dries.

It is equally important that you choose a roof deck that is fire resistant. This can help preserve the home especially in an event of a fire. It stops the fire from spreading.

Plank Sheathing

Before homeowners were using plywood in their roof decking, there was plank sheathing. There were a time wherein houses were built with wood shingles over planks. And since Wood Shingle is quite expensive which make homeowners end up replacing the entire roof.

If you are using plank sheathing, it is important to take a closer look at this type of deck. This is prone to splits which can get longer due to the heat coming from your home’s attic. As rule of thumb, once the planks are already ¼ inch apart, make sure that you already choose to re-sheet the entire roof.

The roof deck plays an important role in your roof’s overall structure. Its main role is to support the fasteners that hold the roof together. This means that if the wood is already not 100%, there is a chance that it won’t be able to provide the support it needs. In order to get the best deal out of your roof, it is always important that you talk to the experts. Make sure that you consider getting at least five expert opinion first before you decide which type of roof deck you want to have in your home.

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