Should You Try DIY Roofing Or Call A Professional?

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Roofing repairs and upgrades can affect the value of your home. Depending on how the roof is pitched, over 40 percent of the surface of a house can be seen from the street. This means that neighbors, guests and those passing by will be able to see the condition of your roof. With so much of your home’s curb appeal linked to the roof, it is important to know when you should try DIY roofing , and when you should contact professional roofing contractors.


Before you call a roofing contractor, take the time to inspect the roof of your house. At least once a year, the shingles should be checked from the outside, and the attic should be inspected from the inside.

You can choose to complete this inspection at the start of spring so you will be able to assess any damage from winter weather. Clean out dust and cobwebs and thoroughly inspect the pipes that lead from the inside to the outside. If any leaks are present, they may first appear in the ductwork and pipes.

Look For Warning Signs

There are some warning signs that will alert you to the fact that the roof will need to be replaced sooner than you may expect. Look for rotting or curled shingles and streaks running from the shingles are indicators. Dark stains on the shingles and mold growth in the attic area are also signs that there is an issue with your roof.

If there are one or two shingles missing from your roof, a DIY repair may be sufficient. However, if there are signs or rot, algae or mold, you will need a professional to inspect your roof.

Another sign that you may roofing issues is that you notice an increase in your energy bill. This is generally a sign that air is leaving through the ductwork. A professional contractor will be able to pinpoint the problem.

DIY roofing repairs are sufficient for minor issues. However, you should contact a roofing professional so your house can retain its curb appeal, value and protect you and your family from a damaged roof. for more information visit

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