The Most Common Roofing Issues Discovered During Roofing Inspections In Cincinnati

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The job of a home inspector involves climbing to the tops of roofs quite often. One of the main job descriptions for home inspectors is to evaluate the exterior and interior areas of a roof. It is during these inspections that some of the most common roof problems are discovered.

Most Common Roof Problems and How to Deal with them

Missing And Damaged Shingles

The most common cause for this issue is wind damage. During a high wind storm, shingles can go missing or shingles can become bent or cracked. For example, in the rural areas of Ohio, there are many flat lying fields, and there is little to block the wind’s impact.

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When shingles have a horizontal crack running across them, it is likely they have wind damage. This horizontal crack will eventually lead to the bending, cracking and breaking of the shingles. Sometimes, roof problems are so bad, so in that case you can’t t rectify the issue and you have hire the best roofing company.

Rubber Boot Flashing

Another common roofing issue that is discovered during inspections is rubber boot flashing damage. Rubber boot flashing is a metal and rubber piece specifically designed so it can fit around vents for plumbing. These vents penetrate into the roof.

Some times the rubber that creates a seal to prevent water from entering and leaving the pipes can become damaged or cracked. If the seal is broken, large amounts of rain can enter into the home. In fact, some of these openings become large enough for birds and other animals to enter and set up nests in the attic of the home.

No Gap Between Roofing And Siding

Another frequently found issue during inspections is the lack of a gap between the siding of the home and the roof. If a home has a roofing design where the roofs butt upward to the exterior wall, a gap should be in place between the shingles and the siding of the home. This is important because without the gap in this type of design, it would be nearly impossible to install extra layers of shingles.

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Without this gap, there would not be enough space that is needed to accommodate the addition of more shingles. If the home has wooden siding, this is even more of an issue because will be more susceptible to warping due to weather changes. As a result, there is a higher risk of mold, rot and deterioration.

Poor Installation

Sometimes roofing problems can be attributed to the way the roof was installed. Shoddy work and poor craftsmanship can not only cause more problems, but it can also reduce the lifespan of your roof. Installation can quickly become a problem if the right steps are not taken beforehand.

Importance of Roof Installation

For example, adhesion problems can occur if the area is not cleaned and primed in advance. Although difficult to see with the naked eye, this is a major problem that can lead to your roof’s premature failure. Be sure the contractor and the team members know how to properly install a roof before hiring them to install or replace yours.

These are some of the most common problems that arise during roofing inspections in the Cincinnati area. By finding these problems early and repairing Diy roofs, you can prevent more severe issues later.

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