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Steel is a strong, lasting, low-maintenance, and excellent choice of roofing material that will last far longer in your valued homes. Introducing, Menards it is one the finest and toughest steel building panels for residential and building steel roofing projects.

Menards offers the best products that are leading in the market. Steel roofing is the first-rate alternative to other schemes of roofing material for the reason that it is three times lighter than shingles. It is fast and simple to furnish.

It features the best hail protection which the resist the impact damage of the steel.It can resist any natural calamities such hail and storm or anything that Mother Nature can throw. It has up to 120 mph wind rating (equal to F2 tornado) which can withstand the wind of a hail. It has the best strong wind resistance that is properly installed in steel that will survive devastating winds. Not only that, it features the best fire protection with a steel that is fire-resistant and rated as a UL Class A.

They offered Eco-Friendly products which can be easily recycled. Compared to typical roofing products, which dispense a billion pounds of waste, steel roofs eliminates the damage and environmental brunt of disposal. It can also be initiated over a current roof.

One of the advantages of having a steel roof is that it would effortlessly discard the snow during winter season. You don’t have to go outside and climb up to your roof to clean up the ice on your roof.

Steel roofing is absolutely much quieter than another roof. It keeps the stillness from the noise of items falling on your roof, strong drops of rain and hail. If a lightning struck the roof, the power will be safely diffused because steel is an incombustible.

Steel roofing has a layer of zinc with a phosphate that abstains from rust. It is a stainless steel that will not deteriorate by water. It is coated with paint and placed over to maintain a long- lasting color. Steel roofing features Cool Chemistry paint that reflects the heat from the sun that preserves the coolness of your house during the warm weather of summer season. A variety of colors allows you to choose a perfect match for your house. Rich and warm colors were also developed to provide extra restraint appeal. Cool colors were also developed to keep the homes cooler. Steel roofs can be installed easily because of the lightweight size of the steel.

Menards Steel Roofs is also known for its durability. Once the proper and secure installation has done, you can at least try to walk on the steel roof without breaking it. You can consult with the manufacturer based on its style and pitch.

When you purchase this product it will benefit not just the house or building itself but most importantly are the customers or buyers. Menards Steel Roofs ensure you a long lasting warranty that would take up to 40 years or even a lifetime.


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