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Homeowners know all about the need to personalize their homes. You want your home to reflect your personality as well as ensure that it is aesthetically pleasing. This means altering the different aspects of it to ensure that it fits the overall theme of your choice.

The areas for personalization are certainly limitless. You can even do it for your roofing. For instance, corrugated metal panels are perhaps one of the most popular roofing choices in the market today. However, most people are simply unaware of the better and more efficient alternative – Ondura Roofing.

This article presents readers with the benefits of Ondura as a roofing choice. It also delves into what makes it the most practical option available.

What Sets Ondura Apart from other Roofing Options?

Ondura has a wider and shorter shape than your typical roofing sheets. This may not seem like much, but it can do wonders for your roofing projects, dramatically increasing the possibilities of what you can do with it.

Just to give you a better picture of what this means, it is worth mentioning that with just three Ondura sheets you can effectively cover a 136-inch wide roof. You may even do so without having to cut the sheets. Conversely, when using corrugated metal sheets, you’d have to cut three metal panels to cover the same area. Eliminating the need to cut the sheets significantly cuts down on the amount of work one has to do.

 Benefits of using Ondura Roofing

To drive the point further, these are some of the benefits of using Ondura.

  • Easier to Cut – In the event that you cannot avoid having to cut your Ondura sheets, it would please readers to know that doing so has been made significantly easier compared to their corrugated metal counterparts. There is no need to make use of a special tool, instead, all you need is a regular hand saw or even a sharp knife.
  • Additional Color Choices – It would please homeowners to know that Ondura sheets come in a number of different colors. You can choose from any of the available baked-on colors from incandescent white, classic brown, brick red, moss green, royal blue, gray, and black just to name a few. This eliminates the need to paint the roofing sheets yourself and makes their installation that much easier.
  • Improved Thermal Insulation – The secret to this is the material used for Ondura roofing. It would please you to know that they are made from a corrugated cellulose felt which is then infused and coated with a layer of asphalt.

This process gives Ondura an additional layer of thermal barrier, effectively shielding the house from heat. With this type of roofing, you can rest assured that the interior of your home is kept at a nice and even temperature.

Homeowners should understand that home improvement is done for purposes of aesthetic and functionality. This article presented just a few of the things that make Ondura the superior roofing choice. Make sure that you try it yourself. You surely will not be disappointed.

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