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Homeowners need to understand the value of doing their own maintenance work. Not only is it more fulfilling to know that you did the job yourself, it is also significantly cheaper and more cost-efficient to do so.

Simply put, there are so many things homeowners need to do to keep their home in the best shape possible. However, it should be noted here that roofing work should be firmly located on top of that list. This article presents readers with a few tips on how they can do it themselves. It also gives a simple guide on how to properly use the roofing hammer.

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Introducing the Roofing Hammer

Nowadays, people have been spoiled with complex tools such as the compressed air-powered nail gun that a hammer may seem useless. However, contrary to the increasingly popular belief, there is nothing that can beat the simplicity of a roofing hammer. Roofing professionals would tell you how much they value this special tool. They hold it in high regard, as they should, because of its sheer efficiency and minimalism.  After all, it was built for one specific purpose and that is what makes it so effective.

To give you a better idea of what it looks like, a high-quality roofing hammer comes with a pounding head that is magnetized on one end. Meanwhile, on the other end, it tapers into a cutting edge which closely resembles the form of an ax. What makes it unique from other hammers is the node on the upper edge of the ax blade. This particular feature serves a very specific purpose for roofing work. For some high-end models, the node is fitted into a slot that makes its position adjustable.

Specific Uses of the Roofing Hammer

As stated earlier, your roofing hammer is expertly designed. All of its elements correspond to a very specific purpose that is relevant to the various elements of roofing work.

  • Cutting the Shingles – Its hatchet end is designed for this purpose. With a single swing, it helps you cut the shingles with ease.
  • Removing Shingles – This is vital during the preparation phase of any roofing job. As you get ready to place new shingles onto your roof, you can simply take the ax end of your roofing hammer and loosen the old shingles from their place.
  • Hammering Nails – The magnetized end of the hammer makes the job that much easier. You simply cannot miss your mark with a trusty roofing hammer on hand.

Acquiring Your Own Roofing Hammer

Getting your own roofing hammer is actually easy enough. You have two options available. First, you can simply go to your local hardware store and see if they have any in stock. Alternatively, if you are a dedicated home improvement expert, you can contact your roofing supply group to see if they have one in their inventory.

We highly recommend that you try the second option as it is much more convenient. They can bring right to your doorstep along with your other roofing supplies. It is that simple.


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