Simple Lawn Care Tips for A Gorgeous Lawn

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Follow these tips to get your lawn as beautiful as possible. The most important step to take is to water the lawn properly. Do this by watering it early in the morning. The sun dries the grass out over the course of the day. If you water at night, moisture remains on the grass and can lead to disease. Make sure you water enough by ensuring the moisture goes into the soil several inches.

Steps to Make Your Lawn Beautiful

Get a handle on weeds before they happen. You can do this by making use of a product containing an herbicide. This will also stop crabgrass from growing. The herbicide stops seeds from sprouting up so you do not have to worry about killing off any existing plants. Make sure to use this product in the springtime. Or you can also hire Lawn Care Maineville Ohio for doing this to make your lawn beautiful.

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If you already have weeds like dandelions growing in the lawn use a granular control weed product. Use this in tandem with your own fists. You can simply pull up weeds like dandelions to get some control over them. Their seeds scatter in the wind so if you pull them up they will not have a chance to do this. A good hint to follow is to apply granular products during the early morning when there is still dew on the plants. The dew gives the product the moisture it needs to kill these weeds.

Importance of Mowing The Lawn

Mowing the lawn is another key to keeping it growing beautifully. That sounds like a tip that does not need mentioning but you do need to be sure you are mowing it properly. Ensure that your mower blades are always sharp. Mow the lawn at intervals where you are not taking off more than a third of the blade’s leaf anytime you run the mower. The lawn should grow thick enough with proper mowing to keep out weeds.

Adjust your lawnmower’s height as needed during growing season. Move the cutting deck higher in the summer so that the grass grows longer. This tall grass also shades the soil allowing water to penetrate deeper for a lush lawn. This also stops water from evaporating and creating dry spots on the lawn. You also treat the roots so that the grass can handle any dry spells longer. When you mow in late autumn just before the snow starts to fall, lower the cutting deck. This helps snow from forming on the grass.

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