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Does your home’s roof need repair? Roof repair is something that should usually be done by a roofing contractor. It can be dangerous getting up on a roof and many times roof repairs require a certain set of skills. There are many good Ohio roofing companies and if you take your time you will find a good roofing contractor to repair your roof. As you begin your search, keep several things in mind when you talk with the roofing companies.

Select Minimum Three Companies

Choose at least three roofing companies to come to your home and do a free inspection of your roof. Ask each company about their liability and worker’s compensation insurance coverage. Ask them to provide you copies of their current insurance certificates. You should also call the insurance companies to confirm that the certificates are valid. Also this way you can compare different roofing contractors to find out the best suited option.

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Choose Local Contractor

It is a good idea to choose a contractor from the local area. Ask them how long they’ve been in business and check their status with the local Better Business Bureau. Roofing companies generally provide a five-year warranty on their work, so you want to be sure the company will still be around in five years.

Check for Insurance of Roofer

When it comes to roof repair, a low price isn’t always best. A roofing contractor with the proper insurance and a team of skilled employees will need to price accordingly. This is an industry where many will try and scam a homeowner by pricing very low and doing shoddy work. This could result in more problems later on and extra expenses for you.

Avoid Storm Chasers

Never hire a company that knocks on your door instead of you calling them. These companies are called storm chasers and will swoop in following a natural disaster, but once the repair is done they are nowhere to be found if you have problems.

When you need roof repair, talk to the best Ohio roofing companies. Ask for a free estimate and roof inspection and choose the company that you like.

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